Why join the NASE network?

Enterprise Skills

NASE will offer students practical ‘real life’ business experience. NASE will enable students to take an idea completely from scratch through to production and on to market within a short period of time, all the while gaining invaluable Enterprise skills.

Startup Funding

Membership will give you access to a pool of seasoned entrepreneurs with real cash to invest in student startups. We are also lobbying government and external bodies to contribute to a US$1 million brick fund to champion student startups.


As well as gaining access to the largest student grassroots enterprise network in Uganda, you will be in great company with like minded student entrepreneurs, ensuring that you share your ideas and experience in return for support from people just like you.


Working with various organisations, joining NASE will get you connected to a network of reputable and global mentors to help you be the best version of you.