Uganda has one of the youngest and fastest growing populations in the world. Which should be a huge asset for any country’s economic development. But here is the problem. 65% of 20-24 year old Ugandans are unemployed. Yes, over 11.8m youths, most of them straight from university and other tertiary institutions, have no future or job prospects and literally end up on the streets – with girls being the worst affected. The situation is worse for the over 25s, with over 90% of them unemployed. This in a country that is regarded as one of the most entrepreneurial in the world.

To-date, the Leap Conference, since 2015, has challenged and inspired over 2,000 enterprising students and graduates from Uganda’s top Universities to take control of their future by “Leaping” into the world of business and entrepreneurship. From idea generation, branding, marketing, finances, etc, the 2-3 day Leap Conference is a hands-on, intensive & impactful boot-camp that equips 400-600 enterprising young people with the tools essential for identifying & developing business ideas. Participants and winners of our pitching competitions have gone on to start successful enterprises with others winning national and international competitions.

Dennis Aguma and a team of volunteers do this out of passion and a desire to make a difference in people’s lives. This, in our spare time and with no budget whatsoever, save for the generous support of family, friends and a number of organisations. In the past we have been fortunate to be supported by young Ugandan entrepreneurs and organisations such Kingston University, London, The University of Surrey, DraperDarkflow& ResilientAfrica Networks among others.

The 4th Leap Conference has bigger ambitions. To impact 1,000 students, and offer incubation and seed investment to the top 5 businesses. As well as the seed investment, the 2 day conference requires around funds to cater for the logistics before, during and after the event. This includes venue, food, drinks, conference materials for both the Leap Conference and a subsequent boot camp for the winners of our pitching competition. For the conference to happen, our founder, Dennis Aguma, also requires flights to and from London, and facilitation for three weeks while in the country organising the conference.

All this requires around £20,000 most of which will be grants and seed investment in the top five businesses. With your support, you’ll not only be inspiring each of the 1,000 enterprising student delegates to start a business and therefore have a brighter future, but you’ll also have a chance to be an honouraly founder of what could potentially be the next big business from Sub SaharanAfrica. As an honouraly founder member, you will receive a certificate, and have the first bite at the start-ups’ products, and the opportunity to be one of the first investors at the start-ups’ next round of funding when they begin to scale.

We cant do this alone. Will you stand with us? Please give what you can. Every little helps.

Asante Sana!

Dennis Aguma, & the NASE Team.

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