The leap conference is a forum organized by NASE annually in Uganda focusing on creating a safe space where youth Entrepreneurs can meet, share (ideas, thoughts and opinions) and learn from each other. The conference was first launched in December 2015 and has been going strong to date.

In 2016 – The first Leap Conference that took place on 26th and 27th August and lived up to its name, attracting about 400 enterprising students and budding entrepreneurs. Their vibrant, fired up and hungry energy could be felt from the discussions. A line up of knowledgeable speakers, panelists and facilitators was carefully selected to respond to the youth that were eager to learn from their experiences.

Appreciation goes to Makerere School of Public Health affiliated Resilient Africa Network (RAN), The First Lady and Minister of Sports and Education represented by Mrs. Mabel Kiggundu, an enterprising woman and the Chairperson of UWESO’s (Uganda Women’s Effort to Save Orphans).

In 2017, our Leap Conference was Started by entrepreneurial students from Kingston University, London – the number one university for student and graduate start-ups in the UK with support from University of Surrey –The Centre for the Digital Economy (CoDE) and Setsquare, the world’s best Business Incubator, The Association of Student Enterprises (NASE), in partnership with Makerere University Business School (MUBS) and DraperDarkFlow, a silicon valley VC fund that invests in African startups, is proud to bring you our 3rd Leap Conference.

“Leap and Grow Your Wings on the Way Down” – Les Brown

The 4th Leap Conference held on February 16th, 2018 gathered over 500 business minded youth and aimed at creating an entrepreneur and enterprising individuals that escape ignorance (discover), build or imagine solutions, that are currently not and overcome uncertainty (doubt) that can delay or prevent them from introducing their solution to the market (McMullen and Shepherd, 2006, p. 134). Doubt & Procrastination: these are the enemy of dreams and aspirations. The duo flourishes on seeing people stagnant. Entrepreneurs were encouraged to take the “LEAP” and make a move, however small or insignificant.

For 2019 the Leap Conference was taken a notch higher, involving great Business Incubation Centers like: The Innovation Village, Makerere University Entrepreneurship Centre and Makerere University Innovation and Incubation Centre (MIIC). The 5th wave was strategically aimed at increasing engagement of students in opportunities to learn through doing, and reflection on those activities, which empowers them to apply their theoretical knowledge to practical endeavors in a multitude of settings inside and outside of the classroom” (Simon Fraser University, 2019). Inspiring over 5,000 students and graduates from Uganda’s top Universities to “Leap” and explore the world of entrepreneurship.

In 2020, Due to the outbreak of COVID 19, youth entrepreneurs (students, recent graduates and dropouts) were engaged virtually on Friday 20th November.

We look forward to sharing and learning from all the great minds of the youth in the years to come.