4th Leap Conference

4th Leap Conference
Friday 16th November 2018
08:00 - 18:00 hrs
Entrepreneurial Action: To become an entrepreneur, individuals must escape ignorance (discover) – create or imagine a solution that could be, but currently is not – and overcome uncertainty (doubt) that can delay or prevent them from introducing their innovation / solution to the market (McMullen and Shepherd, 2006, p. 134).
Doubt & Procrastination: These two little devils needs to be slayed if one is to ever achieve their dreams and aspirations. The duo thrive on seeing people stagnant. With their little voices, they keep whispering negativity and lack of urgency into ears of would-be entrepreneurs, who end up doing absolutely nothing. And without action, nothing ever happens. Period.
This month, make a move, however small or insignificant. Take the “LEAP”, and grow wings on your way down!
If you are in Uganda, join over 500 enterprising youths from Uganda’s top universities at the 4th #LeapConference on Friday the 16th at Makerere University Business School.